Coppernico Metals Inc. understands the shared value that mining can bring, as well as the risks that must be managed through the implementation of responsible and sustainable development practices. The Company strives to maintain the highest standards of environmental protection and community engagement throughout all of its projects.

Coppernico commits to the sustainable delivery of shareholder value through mineral exploration and development by ensuring all of its employees and contractors embrace the following:

Health and Safety

Coppernico strives to provide a safe and healthy work environment by following strict safety and health standards and practices that meet or exceed industry standards and applicable government codes, standards and regulations in all jurisdictions in which it does business.

Protection of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Resources

Coppernico is committed to meeting or surpassing all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, permit and license requirements, and to continuously improve its environmental performance and practices. The Company embraces safe, socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable work practices during all activities. Coppernico is proud to utilize innovative technologies and techniques to reduce its environmental footprint.

Coppernico conducts all work practises with due regard for the protection of the environment, including flora, fauna and sites of natural, cultural and historical significance. The Company assesses the potential environmental impacts of all work practices to ensure that effective controls are in place to minimize, mitigate and manage risks. 

Social Responsibility

Coppernico believes that building and maintaining good corporate citizenship is an integral component of its business practices. The Company endeavors to contribute to the communities in which it operates by focusing on activities that can make a meaningful, positive and lasting difference. Coppernico respects the cultures and customs of the places in which it operates without compromising consistent ethical standards.

Coppernico puts a priority on creating mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships with the communities and countries where it operates, and with its shareholders, respecting their interests as our own. Coppernico establishes constructive local partnerships to contribute to local priorities and interests and to have communities benefit both socially and economically from its activities. The Company seeks opportunities to maximize employment and procurement for local communities through the provision of suitable training opportunities and resources.

Coppernico engages in open and transparent dialogue with governments, communities, indigenous peoples, organizations and individuals on the basis of respect, fairness and meaningful consultation and participation.

Indigenous and Local Community Engagement

Coppernico respects and engages meaningfully with Indigenous and local communities at all of its operations. The Company is committed to working constructively with local communities, government agencies and Indigenous groups to ensure that exploration work is conducted in a culturally and environmentally sensitive manner.

Coppernico is committed to:

  • Sharing information about its projects and operations, providing meaningful opportunities for input and dialogue and involving local and Indigenous communities in archaeological work, environmental assessments and related studies.
  • Making meaningful efforts to reach agreements with local and Indigenous groups on the preferred method of participation and engagement in consultation processes.
  • Exploring opportunities for local and Indigenous communities to benefit from its projects and activities. This may include employment, contracting, training, community benefits and agreements, as appropriate to the type and stage of activity being undertaken.
  • Engaging in candid and respectful dialogue with a view to resolving or minimizing any disagreements and ensuring full communication in respect of any unresolved issues.

Coppernico is committed to responsible mineral exploration. The Company values forging strong, durable, and respectful relationships with the Indigenous communities in which it operates. 

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